“Action Path” was created in November 2009.

The initial idea was to share the experiences I have lived and the images I’ve seen walking in the nature the last 10 years and the best way to do this was by organising excursions with friends who wanted to spend a weekend together full of action and fun.In the beginning we were 20 people but this number keeps increasing…something which makes me really happy!

There is something better than sharing this excitment with people you know but most importantly with people you don’t know who at the end become your friends!

The truth is that going away for a couple of days after a hard week at work is not a decision easy to make…because we all feel tired.I can assure you though that going back to work on Monday after climbing a mountain full of snow or going down a river taking a deep breath being among the clouds,is the cure to “Monday mood”!And all these combined with high quality standards and professional serries.

From time to time we all need to indulge in some luxuries like being away from the noise and stress of the city relaxing with our beloved ones enjoing the sport activities,the colours of nature,the good food,the comfortable accomodation and the safe ground transportation!

We all need it..we all deserve it..

Our goal is to make you feel happy,relaxed,full of energy and joy through trekking,rafting,winter ski,mountain bike,cayak and more…

Are you ready?

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Nick Raptopoulos